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    The group behind this venture consists of Mr Prem Arora, Mr Rajan Bajaj, and Mr Anmol Arora from SAAN Group, along with Mr. Robin Matharu from Renu Robin Design. Their collective experience and shared vision have led them to aim for elevated standards in the housing sector in the Delhi/NCR region. With a track record of operating without any debt for two decades, they have successfully developed real estate and infrastructure projects across the country. Their portfolio includes premium residential projects, IT Parks, roads, and hydroelectric power plants. Additionally, the group is also involved in finance and leasing. On the other hand, Renu Robin Design is a renowned award-winning firm specializing in architectural and interior design. They have worked on diverse projects internationally, ranging from luxury hotels to institutional buildings, large-scale offices, IT buildings, and high-end luxury farmhouses and residential buildings. Notably, they have contributed to prestigious projects like "The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa" in Gulmarg, Gujarat Bhawan in Delhi, and Taj Vivanta in Dharamshala, among others.

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