Top 5 Real Estate Developers In Noida


Hey readers, choosing a good real estate developer is the very first step in buying an ideal property. Because with a good real estate developing group you can be sure of trust and transparency along with good construction quality. But the problem is that with so many developing groups in the market, it can be quite a difficult and hectic process to curate good and reliable developers. 

But not to worry, InfraMantra India Private Limited has shortlisted the 5 best developers in Noida. So that you don’t have to worry about it and your journey is safe, seamless, and as smooth as possible. The developing groups mentioned in this blog have a good track record in commercial and residential properties throughout the city and beyond. These developing groups mentioned below are best in Noida and their portfolio is comprised of many landmark projects along with many happy testimonials of their customers. So, without any further ado delay let us start with the blog.

1. Godrej Properties Limited

The first one on the list is one of the most prominent developing groups in the market of real estate that does not need any introduction. Godrej Properties Limited is a real estate developing company headquartered in Mumbai. The company has over 127 years of legacy of trust, and excellence, along with the commitment to cutting-edge technology and design. Godrej is an expert in creating spaces that enable everyday joys; one community, one family, and one home at a time. Godrej Properties has won many awards including Aon NASSCOM DEI Champions Award 2023, Golden Peacock Award 2022, KPMG ESG Conclave and Awards 2023, British Safety Council (BSC - International Safety Award) - March 2022, 19th edition of Asian Business & Social Forum, and many more. 

2. Eldeco Group

Second on the list is another top-tier developer in Noida, Eldeco Group. Eldeco Group is a prominent real estate developing group established in 1985. The group has built a strong presence in various regional cities, including, Noida, Greater Noida, Lucknow, Kanpur, and other NCR Cities. With its extensive experience and impeccable the group is your best bet. Eldeco has a diverse portfolio of over 175 top-tier projects, which includes, townships, shopping malls, office complexes, industrial estates, and high-rise condominiums. With more than 30 million sq. ft. of successful deliveries and 30 ongoing projects, the company has established itself as a trusted name in the real estate market. 

3. Prateek Group

Prateek Group is the third one on the list. The group has over 10 years of experience in the market in building ultra-luxurious residential and commercial projects in Noida. The group is always focused on setting new standards and that is the only reason that they have made an enviable name in the market of real estate. Prashant Kr. Tiwari, a civil engineer and first-generation entrepreneur established Prateek Group in 2005. Commitment and transparency are two other attributes that best define the corporate philosophy of this developing company. The group has also won many awards including Best Affordable Residential Property at the 7th Real Estate Summit Cum Excellence Awards hosted by Assocham for its project named the Prateek Grand City.

4.  ATS Infrastructure Limited

Fourth on the list is ATS Infrastructure Limited. ATS Greens is a top-tier real estate development company with 16+ years of construction experience. Mr. Getamber Anand, the Chairman and Managing Director of the company has made sure to combine innovation with aesthetic designs. The group is known for its aesthetic designs and good-quality products. The group has made an enviable name in the market of real estate by its dedication to customer satisfaction. ATS treats every property like it’s their own home and that is the reason why the portfolio of this group is comprised of many happy testimonials. The group is known for its innovative project designs and supreme craftsmanship

5. Bhutani Infra

And the last one on the list is the prominent real estate developing group named, Bhutani Infra. Bhutani Infra is an established name among top-tier developers in the construction world. The group is driven by innovation and always delivers high-quality projects on time. The company has set high industry standards by implementing cutting-edge technologies and by delivering high-quality innovative projects. Bhutani Infra is always committed to setting new benchmarks for its customers. 

So, that’s it, folks! We’ve reached the end of the top 5 real estate developers in Noida. The developers mentioned above are carefully shortlisted by us so that you can surf seamlessly in the market of real estate. Not only this but those properties are comprised of many cutting-edge amenities and great highlight features. If any of the developers or properties appeal to you and you want to know further you can contact us at +91 8698009900. One of our dedicated team members will attend to all of your doubts and queries. Until next time!


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Nirbhay Sagar

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