Listed below are some colours that, according to Vastu, are regarded auspicious whether used in our houses or anywhere else.



This color is associated with purity and elegance. When combined with other colors, it always looks fantastic. Ceilings should always be painted white, and the NorthWest bedroom should be no exception. Many people paint their homes white because it improves the space and reflects light nicely.


This is a happy color that denotes purity and happiness. Pink is an excellent color to put on the walls in rooms or bedrooms that face south or west.


This symbolizes development, fresh beginnings, relaxation, and the arrival of spring. Blue is a soothing color that works well in meditation rooms, bedrooms, and even drawing rooms. It is associated with the arrival of spring, fresh growth, and relaxation.


This color is unmistakably associated with nature, freshness, and hope. Inside any place, it draws peace, excellent health, and a pleasant environment. Green is wonderful for study rooms because it stimulates creativity and provides a sense of freshness, both of which are beneficial to any student.


Sunlight is a sign of strength, patience, and knowledge. It's ideal for use in pooja rooms. Rooms that do not receive direct sunshine should be painted yellow, and vice versa.


Symbolizes strength and spirituality, as well as positivism, joy, a happy relationship, and happiness. Because it is a cool color, peach may also be used. Orange is a powerful and spiritual color. Other hues of orange, such as peach, can be utilized anyplace in a home according to Vastu principles.


This color is associated with boldness and power. It's a vibrant and energizing color. Because of its stimulating and overpowering effect, red colors should not be utilized in bedrooms. It might be stressful for people who are easily agitated.


Purple is the color of trust, faith, and respect. It's best not to paint the entire room purple because it might be overwhelming. However, a lighter hue of purple might serve to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Back colors should be avoided in houses since they attract negativity. It denotes a lack of self-assurance, hope, and despair. Black may also evoke sentiments of despondency and dissatisfaction, as well as agitation.


So, while keeping yourself and your family healthy and happy, follow these Vastu color rules and paint your home with your favorite colors.


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